Designed for business

Unlike other IM tools, we are committed to enterprise-class IM applications. According to the special needs of business management communication, many related features have been added.

Hosting data yourself

Enterprise data is very sensitive, and users can choose to host their data on our servers, host them on their own servers, or host them on a third-party cloud server purchased by the enterprise.

Immediate notice

Enterprise-related IM messages need to be notified immediately, and we will notify users in time through mobile applications, SMS, and emails. The application notification message is basic, and the SMS and email notifications are optional for the user.

Custom message flow

Users can define their own various message flows in IM, such as automatically forwarding specific messages to specific people, classifying messages, tagging messages, or attaching a process to certain messages. The entire process can be completely tracked through the message.

Multimedia support

You can browse various multimedia messages directly in IM, including but not limited to audio, video, pictures, simple text, pdf documents, word documents, excel documents.