The CRM communication part reuses IM-related components, which means that CRM has very good communication characteristics. CRM implements customer relationship management, customer data management, and customer related transaction tracking process management. In addition, it provides a wealth of content display capabilities. It can display the latest products and information of the company to customers, and can also freely connect in the sharing and display content of each customer. Customers, suppliers and consumers can share information with each other and maintain fast and stable communication and feedback.

Announcement of recent events

CRM can easily push company related activities to customers.

Sell current offers

Need to easily push the company's preferential policies to relevant customers? CRM can be easily completed. As long as the relevant templates for the preferential policy activities are filled out in CRM, the platform will automatically complete the relevant push work.

Show frequently asked questions

CRM automatically collects customer questions, summarizes them and displays common questions for easy searching.